Local Jewish teen breaks into music industry
Photos: Courtesy Sabina Chamoy
Sabina Chamoy released “Full Moon” in February 2024.

By Dina Barrish

When Sabina Chamoy picks up a guitar to sing, her peers gather around the choir classroom to listen.

“I love music,” said 16-year-old Chamoy, who is a junior at Plano West High School and started their Jewish Student Union chapter. “I’ve loved it from a young age. I feel like singing and music can bring up so many different emotions. Music can make you a different person entirely.”

On Feb. 9, Chamoy released her second song, “Full Moon,” as a single on Spotify and music video on YouTube. Her mother, Rita Chamoy, connected through a mutual friend with Twisted Cowboy Films, a company in Austin, and Chamoy brainstormed directly with directors and producers there to crystallize the video’s “Twilight-esque” visual concept. Chamoy hopes this song, which she called a representation of life’s eerie unexpectedness, will send her viral and launch her career in music.

“Recording the music video was the most fun two days of my entire life,” Chamoy said. “The song means so much to me; it’s so poetically and lyrically beautiful. This is the most amazing song I ever could have written.”

Finding inspiration is the hardest part of writing a song, Chamoy said. She said she writes poetry and records original melodies that pop into her head in her Voice Memos app. Chamoy said she drew from this “vault” to create her first song, “Save Me,” released in 2023, and again to write and compose “Full Moon.”

“I also think a lot of my songwriting started when I was in (Shearith Israel) synagogue and (Ann and Nate) Levine Academy day school,” Chamoy said. “We loved to sing, dance, be with each other and be really joyous. That’s probably what sparked how I write music.”

Ava Ponder, Chamoy’s music video director at Twisted Cowboy, said the musical dynamics of “Full Moon” coupled with Chamoy’s confident, dynamic personality allowed her team to plan, shoot, produce, edit and launch the video in just two months.

“We were under this idea of young artists supporting young artists. We’re a company of younger people; we’re just getting started. Sabina is also just getting started and so it was definitely a huge bonding moment,” Ponder said. “I think Sabina could have a really promising career.”

Sabina Chamoy on the set of her music video for “Full Moon.”

At Audio Dallas Recording Studio, Chamoy’s music producer, Shariq Lalani, remembers hearing the young artist scream when she heard the first draft of “Full Moon.” He said he fully believes in Chamoy’s talent, authenticity and ability to succeed in the music industry.

“Working with Sabina has been a joy,” Lalani said. “What sets Sabina apart is not only her ability to write her own original music but also her distinctive style and vision. Her passion for music and dedication to honing her craft at such a young age are truly impressive.”

After she sang her first song to her parents, Chamoy said they encouraged her to meet with Lalani to start recording. From ice skating and acting at a young age to music production now, Chamoy said she always feels supported by her parents to pursue her dreams. She also said without her Lakehill Prep choir teacher, Tracy Herron, she would not have the same motivation and vocal skills.

“He’s my favorite teacher in the entire world,” Chamoy said. “He’s caring and he’s literally like a mother to us. He really made me love music.”

Herron said in the seven years he’s known Chamoy, she’s always been a dedicated choir student. He said he often advises her to “let the beauty of (her) natural voice show.”

“She asks questions to help herself and her peers to better understand the music and musical concepts,” Herron said. “I’m always honest with Sabina about what she wants to do, and sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. She does have a strong mindset.”

As she advances in the music industry, Chamoy said she will continue working towards new opportunities and experiences.

“Music is really the only thing that makes me so happy,” Chamoy said. “I want to go to new heights. I want to go big,”

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