Lots of questions for Passover

Dear Families,

Passover is coming and hopefully you are already shopping and cleaning! Last year we had to rethink how to do Passover, and now this year you can find so many suggestions online for ways to enhance your Zoomed Seders! Start gathering ideas for fun. The hope of the Seder is that we will tell the story and even learn something new! Here are a slew of Passover Questions — some trivia, some for deeper thinking. If you need answers, let me know and if you use the questions at your Seder, let me know. 

1. Moses’ family

• Can you name Moses’ mother and father? 

• Who were Moses’ brother and sister? 

2. Passover food

• What does every cook worry about? 

• What do you need to eat lots of during Passover? 

3. The Seder plate

• What does the bone represent? 

• What are the basic items in charoset and what else can you add? 

4. From the Torah

• In Genesis, what is Abraham warned? 

• The Book of Exodus begins, “There arose a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph.” What does this mean?

5. The plagues

• Besides the 10th plague, which would you choose as the worst one? Why?

• After each plague, Pharaoh would not let the people go — it says that he had a “hard heart.” What is a “hard heart”?

6. Pre-Passover

• Why do you need a candle, feather and wooden spoon? 

• What is made in exactly 18 minutes? 

7. Women in the story

• Who was Moses’ wife? Who was her father? 

• Who were the midwives who let the Hebrew babies live? 

8. The Haggadah

• What does the word “Seder” mean? Why is that important?

9. Something different

• Why do some people put an orange on the Seder plate?

• Why do some people put a light bulb on the Seder plate?

10. Songs

• What does dayenu mean? 

• Go to the internet and Google “Passover Songs” — what amazing new songs can you find for your Seder?

11. The end of the Seder

• Who do we open the door for? 

• What does afikomen mean? 

12. Leaving Egypt

• Who from the Pharaoh’s family left with Moses? 

• How many Israelites left Egypt? 

13. Crossing the Red Sea

• Who had to show faith and step into the sea first so that it would open? 

• When the Israelites reached the other side, what musical instrument did Miriam play as she sang? 

14. The number four

• Who is supposed to ask the Four Questions? 

• Name the Four Sons and tell which one you are most like. 

15. What would you have taken with you out of Egypt? 

• What will you pack to keep you comfortable?

• What will you pack to eat?

• What will you pack for fun?

• What memories will you take?

16. What does it mean to be free?

• If you are free, does that mean no rules? What rules do we need?

• Every year we read that each of us should think of ourselves as having left Egypt. Why is it so important to remember?

17. What miracles have you seen?

• The parting of the Red Sea was an amazing miracle. Do you believe in miracles?

• What miracles have you seen?

18. Have you ever taken a leap of faith?

• Nachshon took a leap when he walked into the sea — what or who gave him that courage?

• Describe a time when you had to do something you were scared to do, but you did it anyway.

• Why is it so hard to try something new?

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