Mark Kreditor and the JCC to ‘bring’ Streisand to The Legacy Midtown Park
Photo: Stephanie Israelstam
Mark Kreditor clowns around at the piano with residents of The Legacy Midtown Park, from left, Dot Heller, Renee and Buddy Gilbert and Rita Sue Gold.

By Deb Silverthorn

Barbra Streisand’s “People, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world,” could easily be reworded as “Mark Kreditor, people engaging with Mark Kreditor are the luckiest people ….” At 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 20, the community mensch and music man returns to The Legacy Midtown Park in a program co-sponsored by the Aaron Family JCC to celebrate Streisand.

“Barbra Streisand is impeccable. She’s the perfect vocalist, she’s a proud Jew and she’s a master artist of almost every avenue,” said Kreditor, who leads regular sing-alongs and entertainment study programs at LMP. “I’ve been a fan forever but after reading her recently published autobiography, ‘My Name is Barbra,’ I have a whole new respect and excitement for her.

“I devoured the 900-page memoir and I really wanted, I needed, to share this EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony winner) who is the greatest female artist of our time,” he continued.

Streisand’s mothering, to her family and in the leadership roles she takes on no matter what project she’s working on, reminds Kreditor of his grandmother Mildred, of blessed memory. “She really is the quintessential ‘Jewish mother’ who feeds people, has great fashion, is larger than life and doesn’t stand down when she believes she’s right. Not in her life as an entertainer and not in her convictions about anything.”

Kreditor, who regularly entertains and teaches for LMP’s independent and memory care residents, has connections to The Legacy Senior Communities going back more than 40 years. Arriving in Dallas in 1981, he was introduced by his uncle Lou Kreditor to Golden Acres Jewish Home for the Aged, which later became part of The Legacy. Since then he’s shared his time, energy and commitment with the residents.

“He brings the joy of music wherever he goes and we are lucky to have him,” said Stephanie Israelstam, LMP director of lifestyles. “Mark’s love of Judaism and all things related to music and history are gifts that he continues to offer our residents; he is the walking definition of a mensch.”

Photo: Courtesy Mark Kreditor
“My parents fed my love for music. I love bringing it to Mom and all of her ‘neighbors,’” said Mark Kreditor, shown with his mother Marlene, a resident at The Legacy Midtown Park.

While he considers LMP’s residents as family, Kreditor’s favorite fan is his mother, who moved to Dallas in 2021. Seeing her light up and sing by his side makes for some of his best moments.

Kreditor, the son of Marlene and the late Larry and the brother of Alise and Sheila, is a native of Hicksville, New York. His love of music of all genres stemmed from attending services at Hicksville Jewish Center with his father each week and his introduction as a young child, then regular visits, to Broadway shows with his mother. Music of the bimah and music of the theater is all built into his soul.

“My parents fed my love for music. I love bringing it to Mom and all of her ‘neighbors,’” said Kreditor, currently on the board and executive committee of the AT&T Performing Arts Center and president of the Moody Foundation for the Arts. His community connections include leadership of the Ann & Nate Levine Academy, the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, classes taught for the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning and many other local organizations.

“I learn so much from the generation before me because they’ve lived so much, been through so much and gone down so many paths,” he said. “To entertain and spend time with them, to be here in this season of their lives, is my greatest honor.”

Married to Carol and the father of Sarah (Ethan) Davis and Rose Kreditor, the very proud Zaide loves tickling the ivories and dancing across his living room with his granddaughters Maya and Talia Davis. Having the family all together to sing along brings peace to his heart.

The June 20 program brings Kreditor back to a night out for its participants. He, the JCC and The Legacy hope guests from throughout the community will venture out for a night to remember.

“Mark Kreditor is an icon of our community. That he’s ‘bringing’ Barbra Streisand, certainly an icon in her own right, to our audience, is a gift,” said the JCC’s Director of Israel Engagement and Jewish Living Rachelle Weiss Crane. “Streisand is an artist and an activist. Thanks to the effort Mark puts into everything he does, there will be a lot of familiarity and a lot to learn.”

Mark Kreditor, our community’s own funny and talented guy, shares the funny girl in all her glory.

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