Mavs well-suited to guide Irving against antisemitism

By Stacy Cushing

When we heard that Kyrie Irving would soon be a member of the Dallas Mavericks, many at ADL understood those concerns. In early November, Irving shared some problematic content on his social media and his attempts to apologize were well short of what they needed to be. What people may not remember is that Irving later issued an apology for his past actions and expressed his willingness to put in the work to educate himself, engage in constructive dialogue and use his platform for good going forward.

The Dallas Mavericks have been exceptional allies in the fight against antisemitism and hate in all forms. ADL is proud of our partnership with the Mavericks, including their most recent participation in Shine A Light, an initiative to raise awareness about modern antisemitism through education, community partnerships, workplace engagement and advocacy. Of any NBA team that Irving could be a part of, we think the Dallas Mavericks are perhaps the best situated to usher Irving through the work he needs to do if he hopes to win over his doubters.

For our part, ADL will continue to support the Mavericks organization on and off the court, and we have no other choice but to take Irving at his word that he is engaged in the work he needs to do. ADL Texoma has been and will continue to be a resource to the Mavs organization. We wish Kyrie and the Mavs the best of luck and look forward to working together in the fight against hate.

Stacy Cushing is regional director of ADL Texoma.

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