Mayor Eric Johnson visits Torah Day School of Dallas
Photo: Malke Brookler/Detalles by M. 
Rabbi Avi Pekier, head of school, and preschool students welcome Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson to the Torah Day School campus Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023.

Staff Report

Mayor Eric Johnson visited Torah Day School of Dallas Thursday, Jan. 19. Johnson was greeted by preschool students and then addressed an assembly of the middle school. Rabbi Avi Pekier, head of school, asked Johnson to speak on the topic of teamwork and work ethic. Johnson shared his view to the fifth through eighth graders, that working with others is “critical to everything you do in your personal life and in your academic life and someday your professional life whether you realize it or not.”

The mayor explained that regardless of how talented or strong someone is, it is impossible to thrive without the help of others.

“There is no such thing as being so strong, so smart, so anything that you don’t need other people. This whole life that we live here on earth is really about how we relate to others. Some of us are stronger than others. Our job is to help those who aren’t as strong if we have strength.”

Johnson used several examples of characteristics. Ultimately he said, “We’re meant to shore each other up where others are weak … Together. That’s how we move forward. That’s how we advance a culture. That’s how we advance a society.”

With regard to work ethic, the mayor advised the students to finish what they started and that it’s better to turn an opportunity down than to accept it and not complete it.

“If you take on the task, finish it. If you agree to do it do it, then give it your all. Don’t do anything half-heartedly. That’s something I’ve lived by for a long time,” Johnson said.

Dallas City Council Member Cara Mendelsohn introduced Johnson to the students. Mendelsohn represents District 12, which includes the Torah Day School campus. In her very personal introduction, Mendelsohn shared many things she admires about the mayor and what he’s accomplished on both the city and state levels. He has “a heart of service,” she said.

Following the speech, Johnson toured the Torah Day School campus, visited with students in their classrooms and met privately with Torah Day School’s leadership.

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