Merrill ‘Mickey’ Wertheimer

Merrill Joel “Mickey” Wertheimer, humble bookkeeper, family cheerleader and longtime baker, beloved by all who knew him or even just met him, passed away Jan. 12, 2021, in Dallas.

Born in Chicago, to Hannah and Charles Wertheimer on Oct. 15, 1939, Mickey would tell you that the best part of his life really started when he met the woman of his dreams, Carol Herman, and married her nearly 60 years ago. Mickey and Carol settled in Chicago and had three beautiful daughters, Jill, Robyn and Amy, who later blessed them with three awesome sons-in-law (Adam Lampert, Joe Hodas and Lee Taitel) and nine brilliant, beautiful and perfectly behaved grandchildren.

Mickey had a long and successful career as a numbers guy, but after at least six failed attempts at retiring (the last one was the charm), Mickey entered what he would say was the next best part of his life, as Carol’s constant travel companion and number one dance fan and the best damned Poppy that any nine kids (plus several bonus kids) could ask for. There was nothing that Mickey wouldn’t do for his family, whom he delighted in and loved with the fiery intensity of a thousand suns. By so selflessly offering his love and constant encouragement and guidance, Mickey taught us all the meaning of love, duty and the importance of family. There wasn’t a person that Mickey met who didn’t like him right off the bat, and those who knew him well, knew that there was no better person to call “friend.” Mickey was about as upstanding and decent a person that there ever was, and if anyone ever wondered whether there was still good in the world, it wouldn’t take more than five minutes in a room with Mickey to know without question that there was. Mickey was always quick with a smile, a word of encouragement and an “I love you.” One of his doctors observed that Mickey “constantly planted seeds of love in his family and everyone around him and was immeasurably loved in return … fulfilling the natural law that you reap what you sow.” Indeed. And we — those of us who were privileged to call him husband, brother, father, grandfather, uncle, cousin and friend — find peace in knowing that he lives in the legacy of love that he left behind.

Mickey is survived by his wife and best friend Carol; his daughters Jill (Adam Lampert), Robyn (Joe Hodas) and Amy (Lee Taitel); his grandchildren Casey, Abery and Micah Lampert, Spencer, Jake and Bailey Hodas and Jeremy, Reiley and Corey Taitel; his bonus children Stephanie and Scott Rosuck and grandchildren Madeleine (Ryan Kline), Emily, Sophie and Charlotte; his sister Wendy Carson; his machatainista Judy Lampert, his many nieces, nephews and cousins, and his precious dog Lexi, whom he loved dearly. Mickey was preceded in death by his beloved brother Alan and parents Hannah and Chuck Wertheimer.

A funeral service was held Jan. 14 at Temple Emanu-El Cemetery with Rabbi David Stern officiating.

Memorial contributions are suggested to Temple Emanu-El’s Music Fund, Rabbi Stern’s Discretionary Fund or the charity of your choice.

Mickey’s family takes incredible joy in knowing how Mickey touched the lives of so many and we invite you to kindly share your gifts of words and memories of Mickey on a memory board at the following website:

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