Miracles all around us

Dear Families,
What is a miracle?
When we read the Bible, the miracle stories go way back to Moses and the Red Sea among other quite miraculous happenings. People often have wondered if miracles happen today. We all look for signs of God in our lives. The question goes back to “What is a miracle?” How do we define the wondrous in our lives?
Camp at the J is in full swing. It is very early the morning of the overnight and the children are still asleep. It is not a miracle that we made it through the night — but the miracle is in the growth of the children from experiencing a night away from their families. The miracle is also that parents who were nervous also survived the night, hopefully trusting us and not worrying too much. It is growth for parents as well. This song reminds us that miracles are all around us and we need to stop and look.

A Way to Say Ah (Beth Shafer)

Ah, mmm, oh. A miracle happened to day.
Was I aware? Did I even care?
A miracle happened to day. And did I pause enough to find
A way to say “ah,” a way to say “mmm”
A way to say “oh, Thank God I’ve arrived.”
A way to say “ah,” a way to say “mmm”
A way to say “Oh, Thank God I’ve arrived.”
A way to sanctify the time to remember
that on our journey we are not alone.
A way to not allow my senses to be dulled
to the wonders I will be shown.
We start each day with blessing and before we even get out of bed, we thank God for bringing us to a new day. I am certainly glad to wake up today — although I might be even more thankful when I hit the bed tonight.

Modeh Ani (traditional)

Modeh Ani L’fanecha Melech Chai V’kayam
She-he-che-zartah b’nish-matee b’chemlah (2)
rabah emunatecha.
Shalom from the Shabbat Lady.
Laura Seymour is director of camping services at the Aaron Family JCC.

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