Miracles are all around us

Dear Families,

Summer is the time for camp and many of us have wonderful camp memories. I am truly blessed because I create new memories each summer as I continue being a camper all my life. Teaching Jewish values in a camp setting requires one thing — a great singing session. We have found that the lessons that our campers (and counselors) learn through singing stay with them forever. For the nine weeks of camp, I will introduce a new song each week in this column. If you want to know the tunes, just check out iTunes.

What is a miracle? When we read the Bible, the miracle stories go way back to Moses and the Red Sea, among other quite miraculous happenings. People often have wondered if miracles happen today. We all look for signs of G-d in our lives. The question goes back to “What is a miracle?” How do we define the wondrous in our lives? Young children see everything as a miracle and then we get too old to see all that is around us. This song reminds us that miracles are all around us and we need to stop and look. 

A Way to Say Ah (Beth Shafer)

Ah, mmm, oh. A miracle happened to day.

Was I aware? Did I even care?

A miracle happened to day. And did I pause enough to find

A way to say “ah,” a way to say “mmm”

A way to say “oh, Thank G-d I’ve arrived.

A way to say “ah,” a way to say “mmm”

A way to say “Oh, Thank G-d I’ve arrived.”

A way to sanctify the time to remember 

that on our journey we are not alone.

A way to not allow my senses to be dulled 

to the wonders I will be shown.

We start each day with blessings and before we even get out of bed, we thank G-d for bringing us to a new day.

Modeh Ani (Traditional)

Modeh ani l’fanecha Melech Chai v’kayam

She-he-che-zartah b’nish-matee b’chemlah (2)

Rabah emunatecha.

Laura Seymour is Jewish Experiential Learning director and Camp director emeritus at the Aaron Family JCC.

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