Nothing compares to wedding in Jerusalem

Dear readers,
It’s difficult to describe in words the exhilarating feeling of bringing our son Elazar under the chuppah under the Jerusalem sky last night.
Especially, given that Elazar’s dean of his yeshiva was out of the country, that I ended up performing the ceremony myself!
As I think back over the evening, so many meaningful things transpired which all meshed together to make one of the most momentous experiences of my life.
This first, and of course the most important, was to see my son wed to such an amazing girl who was hand-picked from Heaven to be the perfect match in so many ways. This is even more amazing that Aliza is from a family of Torah and kindness that adores Elazar, and the feelings are totally mutual.
This event became even more meaningful having all of our children and grandchildren  together from Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. As you can imagine, it’s no small feat to get all of us together!
Then, to make it even better, there were so many students and friends from Dallas in attendance, some living in Dallas but many living in Israel, making it into a reunion of sorts; many Dallasites who haven’t seen each other in so long got to catch up, us included.
I was very touched to have many of my closest friends as well as family from throughout Israel joining the celebration, many going to great lengths to get there.
I was deeply humbled to have a number of Israel’s leading elderly Sages, whom I was connected with before leaving to Dallas, stop on to wish their Mazal Tov and even share in a dance. Some did so despite their feeble conditions.
The icing on the cake was to see an incredible outpouring of love upon our son from his fellow yeshiva students and the high esteem and respect they have for him. The joyous dancing and singing went well past midnight, and wouldn’t have ended if not for limitations of the band and hotel.
There’s nothing like a wedding in Jerusalem! I feel blessed, fortunate and humbled. May all of you merit such blessings!

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