Olivia Kuper Harris comes home to Dallas

Live outdoors Nov. 19

By Deb Silverthorn

Olivia Kuper Harris, the pop, rhythm, blues and soul artist who grew up in Jewish Dallas, returns home at 8 p.m. Nov. 19 to perform at an outdoor concert at Gilley’s Dallas.

Harris, who has performed in Las Vegas in “BAZ Star Crossed Love” and around the world as a solo artist and member of Postmodern Jukebox, released her first full-length album, “Juicy,” in August. This fall’s tour celebrates the release of the album.

“‘Juicy’ is the last 15 years of me putting so much of myself out there, and I’m really proud. This year has provided me a stillness, and a calm,” said Harris, who, between now and the end of the year, will also be performing her socially distanced outdoor shows in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco. “The album really expresses my finding my empowerment as a woman, finding my own way and my own strength. I hope people listening will feel inspired.”

Harris, the daughter of Holly Kuper and the late Hugh Harris, and the sister of Dylan, has lived in Los Angeles since graduating from Carnegie Mellon University. The Akiba Academy and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts graduate, who grew up at Congregation Tiferet Israel, has been writing and recording music, acting onstage and in films, and creating many of her own projects.

“Dallas is where I started, and Dallas is home,” said Harris, who sang “Texas, I miss you again, your warm rain feels like an old friend” on her 2016 EP, “Lonestar Heart.”

“Dallas is where I started, and Dallas is home,” said Harris, who sang “Texas, I miss you again, your warm rain feels like an old friend” on her 2016 EP, “Lonestar Heart.”

She credits her mom with teaching her the resilience to power through the tough times during the pandemic. “She’s always picked up in the tough times and made whatever it was happen. From her, I learned it doesn’t always have to be easy, but I know there isn’t any challenge I can’t take on.”

Kuper returns the mutual admiration. “I’m so impressed that Olivia has kept up her incredible attitude and that she hasn’t stopped pushing toward her goal — ever. We laid a good foundation for our kids and couldn’t be prouder of how they have built on our model, and our dreams,” said Kuper, who can’t wait to be stageside when her daughter belts out her tunes. “We’ve always been a singing family, but her voice is something else.”

The parking lot at Gilley’s has room for 60 cars and platform seating divided into areas set 6 feet apart for social distancing. Guests are invited to remain in their cars or to bring their own blankets and chairs to sit closer to the stage. 

“I am so excited about the chance to be out, to be with friends, family and in the community I grew up in. I appreciate everyone coming out, being safe and respecting everyone’s space so it can be a great night,” said Harris, who will be giving away masks with her logo. 

“The title of my album, ‘Juicy,’ is a term of endearment that is all about the feel-good,” said Harris. “Today, I’m all about the good: life, my journey, the pride I have in my work and myself and all I have to look forward to.”

For more information, to buy Harris’ album or to purchase concert tickets at $25 each, visit tinyurl.com/Olivia-Kuper-Harris.

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