On the Road with Marvin Beleck
Photo: Courtesy of Marvin Beleck
Marvin Beleck, at the opening reception of “Bits and Pieces: A Celebration of Judaica,” at Shalom Austin’s J Gallery. He is standing next to his very first mosaic, which he made in the eighth grade.

By Sharon Wisch-Ray
As the High Holidays approached, Marvin Beleck headed to Austin Sept. 18 for the opening reception of Bits and Pieces: A Celebration of Judaica,” at Shalom Austin’s J Gallery. The exhibit will run through Oct. 28. In addition to Marvin’s art, the work of Ginette Jordan, Susan Ribnick and Martha Kull is being showcased.
Nineteen of Marvin’s mosaics are on display, including his first one which he made in the eighth-grade.
Marvin was born and raised in Tyler. Following the Navy and college he made his home in Fort Worth along with his wife Ava.
Marvin’s original one of a kind designs are inspired by symbols and images that are meaningful to Judaism. His unique method of creating his art includes his use of various colors and textures in a variety of materials and tiles to execute his vision. Production of these rich mosaics involves a process of selecting a theme, laying it out on a plywood board and meticulously hand-cutting appropriate materials for each piece which is individually permanently glued in place on the board.
In addition to this artistic passion and hobby, Beleck has accumulated a vast collection of stamps featuring Jewish people and themes, which he published in 2017 in a book entitled “Noted Jewish People of the World on Stamps.”

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