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Explaining a High Holiday prayer

Dear Families,I look at all the Jewish educators out there writing on the upcoming holidays and all the rabbis working on High Holiday sermons and wonder how they come up

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Debbie Koeppel: swimming for a cause

By Deb SilverthornDebbie Koeppel has opened her pool to small water aerobics classes for a cause — raising money for Jewish Family Service and the North Texas Food Bank.When the

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Farewell to a Tiferet mainstay

Today’s column is a thank-you to someone who’s done much for one of our area’s Jewish institutions without asking for any recognition. Next Monday, Jennifer Williams will cover her typewriter

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Why Elul is special

Dear Rabbi Fried,I recently heard a lecture where the speaker mentioned in passing the importance of the Jewish month of Elul. Although many listeners nodded in understanding, I was not

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Antisemitism: still with us

Somewhere in a Bible — ours or others and maybe all — is this warning: “The poor are always with us.” I don’t know which “us” that refers to, but

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