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Hillel International comes to Dallas

A professionals’ homecoming By Deborah Silverthorn When Hillel International made Dallas its home base, at the Hyatt Regency Dallas, from Dec. 12 to 15 for its 2022 HIGA (Hillel International

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It depends upon the context

By Rabbi Howard WolkParashat VayehiShabbat Chazak This Shabbat we conclude reading the Book of Genesis/Berei-sheet. The Rabbinic rule that the Haftarah parallels the Torah reading seems to be violated this

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The origins of tikkun olam

Dear Rabbi, I recently received a mailing from a major local Jewish organization that spoke about the “mitzvah of tikkun olam” which is manifest in performing acts of social justice.

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The year 2022 in Jewish ideas

Book bans, Ukraine and the end of Roe By Andrew Silow-Carroll (JTA) — Jewish eras can be defined by events (the fall of the Second Temple, the Inquisition, the founding

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We can initiate miracles

By Laura Seymour Dear Friends, Hanukkah is over for another year and forgive me for admitting, I’m Hanukkahed out! It was a truly great Hanukkah 2022! However, the many lessons

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More Q&A: smoking and weight

By Alan Koenigsberg, M.D. 1. Are there medications that can help me stop smoking? Yes. I have prescribed Chantix for some patients, or Zyban, which is also known as Wellbutrin,

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A Hanukkah gift for learning

Dear Families, Was it just me or did it seem like Black Friday shopping for gifts for the holidays started in October? Many of us have become great online shoppers

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Hanukkah/Thanksgiving Recipes

Special Dessert Items for Hanukkah

By Tina Wasserman Whoever said that decorated cookie constructions have to look like a house with snow on the roof and Christmas trees in the front yard? I originally taught

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