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Fred Greene

Fred A. Greene, 95, passed away on May 15, 2021. Fred was born in New Rochelle, New York, where he lived with his parents and brother. He was an avid

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Standing up for the land

By Rabbi Ari SunshineParashat Shelach Lecha It can be tough to take what may seem like an unpopular position against very loud voices trying to shout you down. In this

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Tattoos: a Jewish view

Dear Rabbi, I have a tattoo on my back which I got as a teenager. Now that I am getting more involved in Judaism, I heard that one shouldn’t have

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Let’s get a move on

By Rabbi Ariel RackovskyParashat Behaalotecha As we begin yet another graduation season, heads of school, guest speakers and members of the clergy will be offering words of advice to the

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Passover Recipes

Instant Pot Kosher Cookbook

Author Paula Shoyer calls the apparatus revolutionary By Marshall Weiss (The Dayton Jewish Observer via JNS) Just in time for Passover, kosher cooking maven/author Paula Shoyer’s “Instant Pot Kosher Cookbook”

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