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Beloved Rabbi Jimmy Kessler dies at 76

He led a legendary Texas life: Jewish historian, author, recounter of midrashim By Judy Bluestein Levin Jewish Herald Voice (Galveston) — Beloved Rabbi James Lee “Jimmy” Kessler, 76, who led

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5783: a year of belonging

By Joshua Yudkin Holidays are tools that demarcate time, and perhaps the greatest gift Judaism has given to the world. Regardless of how you may choose to observe or celebrate

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Know when enough is enough

By Rabbi Nancy KastenParashat Vayelekh None of us lives forever. We pray to be written into the Book of Life for the coming year while knowing that death is inescapable.

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Find your joy

Dear Families, Elul is almost over and it is almost Rosh Hashanah. Hopefully we have used our month of reflection to really look at ourselves and prepare for the heavy

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Passover Recipes

Easy-to-make Passover recipes

By Tina Wasserman The following are some recipes that I think you might enjoy and find useful for your Passover or any meal during the holiday. Easy to make, do

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