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A rainbow vision of hope

It’s time for me to tell you about the end-of-2020 experience that sent me into this New Year with real hopes for something much better to come… It was an

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We are a choosing people

By Rabbi Nancy KastenParashat Vayechi Chapter 49 of the book of Genesis opens with Jacob’s summoning of his children to his bedside for words of farewell: “And Jacob called to

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A new year, a new book

Dear Families, Guess what? I got another new book that I must recommend! One of the ultimate classics for learning about Judaism and getting “all” your answers is “The Jewish

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Potato kugels for Passover

By Tina Wasserman This Passover you are most likely not cooking for a large group of people but you still need to prepare for whatever format your Seder will take.

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