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Vicky Glikin recounts visit to Poland

‘The need for supplies is overwhelming,’ says Temple Emanu-El cantor By Sharon Wisch-Ray Vicky Glikin, senior cantor of Temple Emanu-El, lent her hands, voice and compassion to Ukrainian refugees in

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Dr. Arthur S. Weston

Dr. Arthur S. Weston passed away April 21, 2022, in Dallas. He was born May 27, 1929 in Detroit, Michigan.  He  drove a popsicle truck to get through Harvard University

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Is cosmetic surgery OK?

Dear Rabbi Fried, My mother and I have been having a difference of opinion concerning cosmetic plastic surgery. I have wanted to get a nose job and face-lift for a

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Hanukkah/Thanksgiving Recipes

Special Dessert Items for Hanukkah

By Tina Wasserman Whoever said that decorated cookie constructions have to look like a house with snow on the roof and Christmas trees in the front yard? I originally taught

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