Jewish Film Festival of Dallas’ show WILL go on
The curtains will soon rise on the 24th annual Jewish Film Festival of Dallas, with popcorn and drinks coming from the safety of viewers’ homes rather than concession stands.
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Ron the Baker helps families jump-start Shabbat
One cup of love, three tablespoons of community and more than a dash of family memories in the kitchen are the not-so-secret ingredients for Ron “the baker” Romaner.
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The On Year
Nativ, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s college leadership program, is anything but a gap in the life experiences of its participants. The nine-month program for North American Jewish high school graduates allows them to live, learn and explore Israel, immersing themselves in the land and the people — the soul of their heritage.
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Tattoos in Jewish law

Dear Rabbi,I have a tattoo on my back which I got as a teenager. Now that I am getting more involved in Judaism, I heard that one shouldn’t have tattoos.

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The Silent Generation

Extended “house arrest” has provided me with more time to go through old files and find some “goodies” worthy of being passed along. Here’s one I especially appreciate, since I

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A must read: ‘Hannah’s War’

This pandemic’s emphasis on social distancing has provided me with much opportunity to read. Just plain read! Last week, I recommended one of my “finds” to you: the self-written biography

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Whipping up a Father’s Day fiesta

Cocktails to dessert —and in between, fajitas, Margaritas, pronto! By Tina Wasserman Father’s Day is synonymous with grilling, but Dad doesn’t have to do the cooking that day. He should

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