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The soul’s power of victory and joy

By Rabbi Dan Lewin Three key powers rest within the soul: emunah (deep faith), bitachon (trust) and simcha (happiness). Each flows from the former: Faith leads to trust; without faith,

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Sukkot: a deeper source of joy

Dear Rabbi Fried,Could you please explain what is accomplished by sitting and eating in a sukkah? We understand it is a mitzvah to do so and the kids love it,

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It is up to us to overcome

Our lives and the lives of every person on this planet have continued to be affected, directly and indirectly, for the past few months by COVID-19. The basic sense of

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Whipping up a Father’s Day fiesta

Cocktails to dessert —and in between, fajitas, Margaritas, pronto! By Tina Wasserman Father’s Day is synonymous with grilling, but Dad doesn’t have to do the cooking that day. He should

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