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Charles Davidoff

Charles Davidoff Charles Davidoff, 82, passed away peacefully on Jan. 3, 2022. Charles was born on Feb. 16, 1939, in Kansas City, Missouri, to Sadie and Jake Davidoff. He was

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Cremation or burial?

Dear Rabbi Fried, My mother was recently put into hospice and for the first time she’s facing death as a reality. We’ve been discussing burial and her desire, and she

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A friend and an angel

So here we are, closing the final pages of yet another bygone year. I do so literally, with a book: “The World of Paul Crume,” a late, much beloved columnist

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Tending to your ancestors

By Debbi K. Levy As an emerging Kohenet, or Priestess, I take many core classes to deepen and strengthen my Jewish knowledge, in preparation for ordination. The course offered during

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Passover Recipes

Passover tips and tidbits

By Tina Wasserman The holiday of Passover evokes many memories. These memories help make or break the continuity of the tradition. I remember the smells of the chicken soup wafting

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