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Israel eases COVID-19 restrictions

Green passes are ‘a light unto the nations’ As Texas and the rest of America ramp up coronavirus vaccinations, Israel has already reopened most of its economy. The impressive results

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Passover matzo, part II

Dear Rabbi Fried, You mentioned in a previous column that the chametz/leavened bread represents haughtiness and inflated ego, so we get it out of our houses and burn it. Once

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Enrollment — lifting our heads

By Rabbi Seymour RosselParashat Ki Tissa There were no government forms to fill out at Sinai, but in this week’s Torah portion of Ki Tissa, Moses is commanded to take

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Potato kugels for Passover

By Tina Wasserman This Passover you are most likely not cooking for a large group of people but you still need to prepare for whatever format your Seder will take.

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