Plano teen designs T-shirt logo for NYC Israel Day Parade
Photos: Courtesy David Weisglass
David Weisglass designed the T-shirt logo for the New York City Israel Day Parade this month.

By Michael Sudhalter

David Weisglass has always had a deep love for Israel as well as a talent and creativity for artistic design.

The 16-year-old Plano resident designed the T-shirt logos for the Israel Day Parade, which included 60,000 attendees, on Sunday, June 2, in New York City.

Although Weisglass wasn’t able to personally attend, his presence was felt in New York City, his birthplace and where he lived until he was 9 years old.

“It was very nice to see so many people wearing these shirts,” Weisglass said. “When I was creating the design, I made some sketches and found what best fit the message I wanted to show (was) hope for a better future in Israel and honoring the soldiers.”

Weisglass discovered the opportunity to create the design through an “Art for Israel” group chat.

His first design was a heart with the Israeli flag in the middle and soldiers below. At the bottom, it reads “My Heart Is in the East.” The second one shows a similar design, but with the Western Wall in the middle.

“I was happy that I was part of this celebration — that my design was chosen and that I could play a part,” said Weisglass, the son of Jonathan and Ivonne Weisglass.

The T-shirt logos designed by David Weisglass for the New York City Israel Day parade this month.

Weisglass is very involved in the Jewish community in Plano. He and his family attend Dallas Area Torah Association in Plano. He served as the president of the Jewish Student Union at Shepton High School in Plano and also serves on the board of the local chapter of NCSY, a Jewish youth group affiliated with the Orthodox Union. 

The NCSY chapter sponsors events like “Latte and Learn” as well as regional conferences where members can connect with fellow NCSYers from other cities and states.

“As JSU president, I definitely had to address everything that was going on in Israel,” Weisglass said. “We talked about the serious side of things and answered people’s questions. We also sponsored fun events and had meetings. The school was very helpful in accommodating the JSUers.”

Weisglass said it was disheartening to hear misinformation regarding Israel from some of his classmates but noted that he didn’t experience any “outright expressions of antisemitism.”

Sometimes, he had the chance to have conversations about his perspective with his non-Jewish peers.

“People are open to hearing ideas and understanding more about what’s happening in Israel,” Weisglass said.

Israel is especially personal for Weisglass since his family made aliyah when he was 9 years old, settling in the city of Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut.

“Israel was a great experience. It was definitely a big change from living in Queens, New York,” Weisglass said. “I learned about prayers and customs and became connected with Jewish culture.”

The family moved to Plano when Weisglass was 12 years old.

Weisglass, who will be a junior at Plano West High School in August, said he’s considering a return to Israel.

If he remains in the United States, Weisglass hopes to attend a university where the administration is committed to seriously addressing antisemitism on campus.

“I plan to include some creativity or graphic design into the career that I choose,” Weisglass said.

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