Rosanna Zielke creates hand-painted wearables
Photo: Deb Silverthorn
“My pieces are made of natural silk, one of the most exquisite and elegant fabrics ever used for fashion,” said artist Rosanna Zielke, whose wearable fashions will be featured at the Aaron Family JCC’s Hanukkah Hoopla on Dec. 8 and year-round at
Wrap yourself, or gift others 1-of-a-kind scarves

By Deb Silverthorn
With winter approaching quickly, artist Rosanna Zielke brings out the warmth of the colors of the rainbow in sheaths of magnificent design. Her handmade accessories are available at holiday festivals throughout the community including the Aaron Family JCC’s Hanukkah Hoopla from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 8, and year-round on Etsy. Each is one-of-a-kind, and one in a million.
“I’ve had some clients use their purchases as art to hang on the wall, or across a table, but most reply they wear them over and over and that there are always many compliments,” said Rosanna, whose decades-long career brings together her talent in the form of scarves, shawls, ties and other handmade specialties. “It makes me so happy to see my pieces being worn or used for everyday enhancement.”
A native of the Soviet Union, Rosanna earned degrees in economics and fine arts before making her way to the United States more than 40 years ago. She arrived in Maryland after a long process, joining the onslaught of Jews who escaped the then-USSR amidst religious persecution and more. The artist first worked in the U.S. as a graphic designer for a magazine in Washington, D.C., and at the New York Stock Exchange for more than 25 years. In Texas she’s taught art classes one-on-one and for groups.
She began with oil paintings based on her personal life experience and found her way to the smoothness of silk as her canvas. During a trip to Leon, France, the now-retired Rosanna came upon a boutique with what she thought of as the most unique creations, silk and velvet — combined — with painted designs.
“Because I do each piece, one at time, there are some variations in the color and design but that makes each one unique, each one ‘yours’ alone,” said Rosanna, the mother of two who delights in her only granddaughter, who moved to Dallas 14 years ago with her husband Mark. “That’s the beauty of the handmade process.”
Rosanna, who is inspired by nature and design, by lines and scenes, loves to create herself, but also to take a client’s ideas and notions and bring them to life. Visions of stars and flowers, of religious and holiday symbols, personalized or with shapes galore coming together can be found on her screens in myriad color palettes.
Each piece takes between two and four days from start to finish, from laying out the design to painting, drying, steaming and washing. Her designs, all of which are washable, are created of natural silks with non-toxic silk dyes, lasting permanent colors.
“My pieces are made of natural silk, one of the most exquisite and elegant fabrics ever used for fashion. Vivid and softly draping, they are an excellent accessory for women’s dresses, office outfits, and casual wear and special occasion,” said Rosanna. “Excellent gifts for any occasion. I create affordable, indulgent luxury that never goes out of style.”
At holiday festivals around the community, Rosanna provides discounted pricing. For those ordering online at, she provides free shipping.
Inspiration on silk, the gift of one’s art, spirit and soul — created and produced in BigD.

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