Scavenger hunt ideas for the Jewish holidays

Dear Families,

Purim is barely over and before we know it, Passover will be here and we will search our homes for chametz and get ready to search for the afikomen. One of our favorite activities at camp is going on a Scavenger Hunt which is a little like getting ready for Passover. Here are a few Jewish Holiday Scavenger Hunt ideas — you don’t need to find “things” — you need to gather information from your team members. (If you do this without writing, it is a great Shabbat activity.

· Name 6 Jewish holidays and the food that goes with it. 

· The Book of Ecclesiastes has the words to a song that was written by the Birds many years ago. Find the passage in Ecclesiastes or sing the song by the Birds.

· Name all 10 plagues from the Passover story.

· List what G-d created on each day of creation from the book of Genesis.

· To build the Ark, Noah had to measure in cubits. Find out how long a cubit is and measure each team member’s “cubit.”

· When the Israelites wandered through the desert, they got something special to eat and they got double for Shabbat. What do we eat to remind us of this special food? 

· Names are very important and most of us have a story that goes with our name. Find out the story of your name and share it. 

Add more things to your Scavenger Hunt – try a hunt where you list everything in your home that identifies it as a Jewish home. Create your own Torah Scavenger Hunt – you don’t need to walk but you do need to explore the text. Games are fun ways to learn for all ages.

Shalom from the Shabbat Lady

Laura Seymour is the director of camping services at the Aaron Family JCC.

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