Shalom From the Shabbat Lady

By Laura Seymour
Dear Families,
Yes, it is March but I’m ready for camp! When you are a camp director, “ready for camp” has lots of meanings, but for me it is planning, hiring, that good stuff. My favorite job is the song book. We take out songs we don’t sing, put in new ones and practice.
The Jewish songs we sing have important messages. I take pen in hand (or computer on lap) and write something to sing. You probably remember “Sippin’ Cider,” a “repeat after me” song. Here is the Book of Genesis in song. If you need the tune, call me at 214-239-7110.
The Book of Genesis
(tune: ‘Sippin’ Cider’)
In the beginning … G-d made the world. He knew He could … and it was good.
In the garden of Eden … each had a mate. Except for Adam … so sad his fate.
So G-d made Eve … out of Adam’s bone. And told them both … “Take care of your home.”
G-d made this fruit … He said, “Don’t eat!” But the snake said why? … so Eve did treat.
For disobeying … you now must go. You will have kids … your food you’ll grow.
They had Cain and Abel … Cain killed his brother. Next they had Seth … they needed another.
After years and years … G-d found a great guy. Said “Build an ark … before I open the sky.”
Noah built the ark … and the animals came. For forty days and nights … it rained and rained.
The flood waters went down … in the sky a rainbow.
A sign of G-d’s promise … to destroy the world no more.
Along came Abraham … clay idols he did break. Said there’s only one G-d … for heaven’s sake.
G-d asked Abraham … should he destroy a bad city? But Abe said “No … on the good have pity.”
Abe was the first Jew … with Sarah his wife. Finally they had Isaac … it was a pretty good life.
Isaac got a wife … Rebecca was her name. They had twin boys … but they were not the same.
Jacob tricked his brother … and he fooled his dad. His mom said “Go … Esau’s awfully mad.”
Jacob went and got a wife … in fact he got four. Learn about this story … there’s a whole lot more.
Jacob’s favorite son was Joseph … that made the other brothers mad. They got rid of him so neatly … but poor Jacob was so sad.
In Egypt Joseph rose to fame … telling dreams was his game. Pharaoh made him number two … There was not a thing he couldn’t do.
The brothers came for food … Joseph gave them what he had. Didn’t tell who he was … but asked about Ben and Dad.
They came a second time … brought Benjamin too. Joseph tested then forgave them … they moved to Egypt the whole crew.
Jacob’s life was almost over … he gave a blessing to each son. Switched Ephraim and Menasha … he was still the tricky one.
The people grew and grew in Egypt … Joseph’s end was very near. “When you leave this land please take me … my bones must not be left here.”
The book of Genesis is finished … things are good for every man. But the story’s just beginning … there’s much more in G-d’s plan.
Laura Seymour is director of camping services and Jewish life and learning at the Jewish Community Center of Dallas.

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