Sweetness of a stone

Honey calcite is a beautiful and meaningful crystal that can thoughtfully propel you into the High Holy Days, and help you find presence amongst all the busyness and preparation that these days bring with them. Perhaps you have children that are just now reentering their classrooms again, or you are feeling behind and haven’t dug out those generations-old treasured family recipes yet, or maybe you don’t even know where your shofar is located after the long summer break…. Have you thought about what you’ll need this year to assemble your sukkah? I think I’ve made a good point. We are all in preparation, and yet sometimes, not preparing the innermost part of ourselves that is the essence of our holidays. We are not quite as dutiful preparing the nefesh, the soul.

So what on earth am I doing telling you about a honey crystal when you can’t find the order form for your lulav and etrog? Patience, my Jewish friends. Patience is a good start. 

Honey calcite looks like actual honey frozen in time. You’ll want to touch it. It is glossy and warm. You can find it tumbled and round, or raw and natural. But we Jewish people, who have said countless blessings before we taste that apple slice dipped in honey upon our eager tongues, will think of only one thing when we turn this stone over in the palm of our hands: sweetness. Don’t believe me? Email me; I’ll share a stone of mine with you. Or you can secure a crystal for yourself at one of your favorite online sources. You won’t be disappointed. Are you feeling nudged? Here is my offering, the ritual with this golden stone:

Roll any of the Creator’s crystals around in your pocket, or simply carry it with you. Tell your dependable piece that its kavanah, its intention, is to remind you to reflect, or even deeply notice your world around you, every time you rediscover it in your pocket. Either of these is a step up from folding more laundry, or jumping on social media, when you have only that small window of time to work with. You will be better served working with your honey calcite for that sliver of time. One thing I forgot to mention: It’ll be like carrying a tree around in your pocket, for a crystal is no less than sacred handiwork, as you and I know. It feels so good in your hand, and you’ll end up holding it up to the light in admiration, but, alas, the light bulb won’t do justice to a natural piece of art. You’ll end up walking it outside, and holding it up to the sun. Wow! Your stone is transformative, just like your first home-grown garden vegetable, or the snow you fly all the way to Colorado to touch and feel. Nature is complex, and so is your crystal. Time can stop when you are in awe of all the gifts we have been lovingly surrounded with. 

Want to go deeper? Crystals have another idea: Sit down. Put a stone between your index finger and thumb. Notice how it feels. Allow yourself to take a break from any distractions. Tend to you and your soul, and ask yourself what you may need. Stay comfortable; no need to stiffen up in your physical body. An open heart, elongated spine and softening of the rest is the name of the game here. When the mind drifts off as minds often do, simply bring your mind back to the feel of your honey calcite in your hand and draw in another big, slow, inhalation. I have found that my deepest, most impactful reflections and personal growth have come from moments when I wasn’t forcing anything, but inviting whatever comes up to do so. That may work for you, too, as you sit patiently. And one more thing: Your crystal is significant in Elohim’s world. It is so significant that the named stone, lapis lazuli, is mentioned in Chapter 2 of Genesis. The gifts of crystals are not an afterthought; they are introduced to us in the Garden of Eden. Stones are wise with the passing of time, and the seasons of long ago are trapped within their structures. They have an order about them that teaches what you already know deep inside. Is it coincidence that you may meditate more fully or become more present as you carry a wonder of nature with you?

Let me be one of the first to wish you L’Shanah Tovah, friends! May your reflections and personal work be sweeter this year with the guidance of a piece of honey calcite. I look forward to seeing your bright, shiny, relaxed and refreshed faces in 5782.

Debbi K. Levy is certified in Crystal Alchemy and makes a practice of sharing crystals to add joy to her community.

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