Tabit of Israel sets up U.S. shop in Dallas
Dallas-headquartered company streamlines restaurant process
Photo: Deb Silverthorn
“Shelly (Matityahu) came in and trained us until we were confident and clear,” said Jordona Kohn, co-owner of The Market on Preston Road, shown here using the Tabit system. “When we’ve had an issue, they have in-person, or remotely, met our needs without delay.”

By Deb Silverthorn
B’tayavon, the wish to enjoy your meal, is being granted around the country, around the world through the Israeli-founded company, Dallas-headquartered Tabit. Bringing good taste to the dining experience, through the company’s U.S. offices, are Alex Abeles, Dror Ben-David, Tyler Dillon, Melissa Gipson, Shelly Matityahu and Tal Spirer.
Being used in high-volume full-service restaurants, and small cafés, Tabit is a point-of-sale and table-side ordering system that streamlines restaurant operations and extends sale opportunities. Tabit reports a 15 percent increase in average check total and 12-15 minutes’ decrease in table turn time, providing an ultimate growth of 15-25 percent in revenues.
“Our local team comes of strong roots with customer service in their bloodstreams and we know great things are going to happen,” said Nadav Solomon, the company’s COO, who co-founded Tabit with CEO Barry Shaked. “Dallas, with the most independently-owned restaurants in the States, is the city to be in. The Metroplex is home to so many great restaurants and we have people here who know the market and how to serve it.”
Tal Spirer, general manager of the Dallas business unit, brings his own talent to the company, but does so in the spirit of dor v’dor — of generation to generation. The son of Ruth and Eli Spirer, he follows his father, who, in 1996, opened the Dallas office of Retalix, another of Shaked’s companies, and his mother, who built a career as an event planner providing premier hospitality service.
“I’m both excited and proud to be carrying on the tradition of manning the U.S. base for an Israeli company — these both started by Barry Shaked, whom I’ve known all of my life,” said Spirer, who comes to Tabit after also working with Retalix. “My parents set the bar for excellence and you can be sure that Tabit will follow. It really is like the circle of life.”
Married to Colette, and the father of Ari and Liam, Spirer was born in Israel and moved to Dallas with his family when he was a teen. He is a graduate of J.J. Pearce High School and University of Texas-Dallas.
“When I was first showed the product, I was impressed right away. The user experience flow is incredible. Designed by those who’ve been in the business, it realizes how industry users think and work,” Spirer said. “Tabit runs with the spirit and enthusiasm of a startup, but the backup and background of a seasoned company.”
With more than 500 locations using Tabit in Israel, and now more than 20 in the Dallas area, there are plans to expand to Los Angeles, Miami and beyond.
“In this business, success is a lot about word of mouth. I knew Tal’s mother and she said she thought Tabit would be a great tool for us. That’s the understatement,” said Jordona Kohn, an owner of The Market on Preston Road. “From the beginning it’s been great and it makes our whole business run more efficiently. In the new age of technology, Tabit has the answers, helping our waitstaff get orders in faster and more clearly, and then lets our customers check out.”
Kohn appreciates Tabit’s system approach, which has prompts to guide the waitstaff to upsell. If a customer orders a tuna sandwich, it spikes what sides, bread varieties, and other choices the staff can offer. For returning customers, a reminder of previous orders is provided.
Each week The Market receives an email with sales and trending items, what sold well and what less so. It allows drink orders and appetizers to be prepped while the waitstaff collects the rest of an order, and “the check” can be split in a second for parties sharing meals. For Kohn, the “how to” support has been ace; before the restaurant’s Wi-Fi was set up, Tabit created a hotspot providing services.
“Shelly (Matityahu) trained us until we were confident. When we’ve had an issue, they have in-person, or remotely, met our needs without delay,” Kohn said.
Matityahu, the daughter of Liat and Odi, is a Plano Senior High School and UT Dallas graduate, involved with Chabad at Legacy West, which hosts programming for Plano’s young Jewish adults. Being part of a team responsible for customer success serves her well.
“Being out in the field, in-person with our customers, is what I love most,” Matityahu said. “Helping with implementation, training, and helping the customers determine what they need, and how best to provide it, is the best way to spend my days.”
Yehuda Alali, owner of Meat Point on Campbell Road, and Solomon had mutual friends in Israel. Introduced, the two were a match and Alali has been thrilled with Tabit’s implementation.
“Tabit allows me to follow the restaurant’s menu performance, online monitoring of service performance and much more, enabling real-time changes and improvements,” Alali said. “The ability to monitor and change, even when remote, keeps me up-to-date with Meat Point’s activities without ever missing a beat.”
Tabit has a small but mighty team. Matityahu said that the company’s inherent belief in the product serves their customers, because they connect.
“We’re able to customize the program to meet individual needs and the feedback is incredible,” she said. “Tabit is a boutique service. If a site has an issue at 11 p.m., they won’t get an 800 number, they get one of us. Tabit was built by developers, restaurant management and the service industry’s best. We know what is needed and how to make it happen.”
For more information, visit or call 833-822-4887.

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