Passover lowdown

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Carbohydrates, or carbs, are sugars and starches, and nearly all foods contain them. Many of us want to avoid carbs. But we don’t have to completely steer clear of carbs (we need them for energy), IF we choose the right ones. Complex carbohydrates are often acceptable on low-carb diets. Whole grains, legumes and brown rice (for you Sephardim) and most vegetables are good carbs. What we must pass up are “simple carbs” — white sugar and flour, very sweet fruit, and starchy vegetables such as white potatoes and carrots.

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Strudel recipes

NEW YORK (JTA) — With Sukkot approaching, I’ve become obsessed with strudel, a pastry I buy at bakeries but haven’t had the nerve to make myself. Like creating an airy pie crust, strudel baking is an art that died in home kitchens sometime during the 20th century, when the pace of life quickened and convenience foods replaced family recipes.

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