Teaching kavod means taking responsibility for own actions

Dear Families,
Of all the values we would want our children to demonstrate, “respect” tops the list for almost all of us.
There are many ways to use the word respect or honor. The Hebrew word kavod comes from the Hebrew word meaning “heavy,” which gives us an important message that respect is a pretty heavy responsibility. Respect — kavod — begins with each person. If we feel proud of ourselves, what we achieve and how we behave, it is self-respect.
Imagine what a wonderful place the world would be if we all showed respect to one another. The rabbis taught that every person should have two pockets. In one pocket, put a piece of paper that says, “I am but dust and ashes.” In the other pocket, the paper should say, “For my sake alone was the world created.” When we feel too proud, we remind ourselves that we are but dust and when we are feeling low, we remind ourselves that God created the world for us.
When we recognize and acknowledge the value and worth of every human being, when we honor and respect the uniqueness of each person, then we will work with God on tikkun olam — repairing the world.
Here is a short version of an important story about respect and how we teach our children by our example:

The Wooden Bowl

This is the story of a grandfather, a father and a son. Grandfather was a wonderful man with a successful business but when he got old, he gave it all to his son. In time, the old man came to live with his son and his family. Slowly, grandfather needed more help, even with eating. When he ate, food fell on the table and grandfather had trouble with the fork and bowl.
One day the bowl slipped, fell and broke on the floor. The father was angry and from that time, he made the grandfather eat from a wooden bowl. One night, the father heard a strange scratching sound. He looked and found his son carving a block of wood. The father asked what he was doing. The son said, “I am carving a wooden bowl for when you get old.”
How do we teach our children about kavod?
Shalom…from the Shabbat Lady.
Laura Seymour is director of Camping Services at the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center

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