The Bernsteins: 1 family, 6 voices
Micah, Zach, Shaya, Jordana, Rosie, Avi and Josh at a family bat mitzvah party in Dallas Sept. 3, 2023.

Jordana and Josh Bernstein made aliyah on Sept. 12. They were joining their daughters Rosie Greenbaum, 24, who made aliyah five years ago and Shaya, 16, who started boarding school in Israel as a sophomore last year. Their sons, Zach, 22, and Micah, 19, live in Austin. Rosie’s husband of almost four years, Avi, was called up like 300,000-plus other IDF reservists and has been in the field since Oct. 7. Like any family, they are experiencing the war against Hamas through their individual lenses. Read their individual perspectives below.

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  1. Norma SHELLEY [Lobel]

    I am looing for Aron Bernstein ,the brother to my Bubby Ensa [Annie] married to Lova [Leslie] born in Ukraine [Russia] escaped to Ottawa Canada.

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