The eclipse froma Jewish perspective

By Rabbi Yerachmiel D. Fried

Dear Rabbi Fried,

There is so much excitement about the upcoming full eclipse, in which we are right in the line of the full eclipse. I know people are coming from all over the country to see this firsthand and there are many talks and lectures about it, but I haven’t seen anywhere to come to hear the Jewish perspective on this. Could you please let me know where I can attend lectures from a Jewish perspective on this event?

Thanks, Jesse T.

Dear Jesse,

This is truly a unique opportunity to attain a profound Jewish outlook, through the eyes of the Torah and Jewish scholars, of the physical world, the celestial bodies and how they interact. There is so much to be learned from this and I highly recommend you attend the Day of Learning about the Great Eclipse, presented by DATA. This coming Sunday we will be featuring some of the foremost experts in the field in the Jewish world, both from a scientific and a spiritual vantage point.

Below is the schedule of events, to be held at Ohr HaTorah, 6324 Churchill Way, Dallas 75230. The lectures will begin at 3 p.m. this Sunday. For more information and to sign in, please visit the website You can also email directly to

Hope to see you there and enjoy!

Sunday, April 7

3:00-3:15 Opening Remarks — Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried

3:15-3:45 Eclipses: Watching the Molad in Slow Motion and Understanding the Jewish Calendar — Rabbi Dovid Heber

3:45-4:15 Solar Eclipses and Human Sin: Attempts at Consilience — Dr. Jeremy Brown

4:15-4:30 Break

4:30-5:00 Kitrug Halevana: Machshava on the Molad and the Eclipse — Dr. Ari Bergmann

5:00-5:30 The Jews and their Stars: Astrology, Astronomy and Jewish Destiny from Ibn Ezra to Einstein — Dr. Henry Abramson

5:30-6:00 The Path From Observation to Wisdom and Inspiration — Rabbi Aharon Notis

6:15 Mincha

6:30-8:00 Dinner — Rabbi Shaya Fox, Dr. Ari Bergmann, Rabbi Yaakov Trump

8:15-9:00 Q-and-A Panel — Rabbi Dovid Heber, Rabbi Aharon Notis and Rabbi Moshe Baruch Kaufman

9:00 Maariv

Monday, April 8

8:00 Shachris

8:45 Breakfast

9:15-9:45 Shiur: Perspectives on the Mitzvah of Kidush Hachodesh — Rabbi Elchanan Adler

9:45-10:15 The Practice of New Moon Sighting in the Geonic Period — Professor Sacha Stern

10:15-10:45 Seasons in Halacha and Aggada — Rabbi Moshe Baruch Kaufman

10:45-11:15 What We Have Learned from Eclipses and When and What to Look for Today — Dr. Israel Uri

Rabbi Yerachmiel D. Fried is dean of DATA-Dallas Area Torah Association.

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