The Reserve at North Dallas spices up Purim

Multicultural ‘Dr. Seuss’-themed parody

“A Seuss-shan Purim” was performed by residents of The Reserve at North Dallas (TR) Tuesday, March 7, for an audience of some 60 neighbors. Four of the multicultural cast are non-Jewish, and said they had a ball. In the clever parody’s colorful cast was a vibrant narrator, Sarah Wainwright as Thing 2, while Mimi Guten performed as a mellow narrator, Thing 1.

Wearing Haman’s three-cornered hat was Harry Ray. Milton Leventhal played Mordechai with grace. Louise Lerner made a fashion statement as Vashti. Adrian Reyes’ King Ahashverosh looked royal in his stunning crown. Sandra Bowdry’s Queen Esther tossed her long, blonde tresses with finesse.

The multicultural Reserve community enjoyed hamantaschen while bringing down the house with noisy graggers at every mention of the evil Haman’s name. Bravo to The Reserve’s Dr. Seuss Purim troupe.

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