The threat of Hamas

By Charles D. Pulman

“From the River to the Sea, Free Palestine” is a genocidal call to wipe Israel off the map (as repeatedly said by Iran) and kill all Jews. People endorsing this call are supporters of and complicit in this genocide, as we witnessed on Oct. 7, by the Hamas terrorists and their Gazan followers against Jews in the communities in Israel along or near the Gaza border.

The Palestinian Arab claim that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza or anywhere else is a lie and the proponents of this lie know this full well. Similarly, a lie is being perpetrated by these same people that Israel is an apartheid state. While 20% of Israeli citizens are Arab, 0% of the residents of Gaza and the Palestinian Arab cities in the West Bank are Jews. In fact, genocide and apartheid are being enforced and acted upon actively by Hamas and the Palestinian Arabs supporting Hamas.

Further, Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel and have always had a permanent presence in this land long before Islam was founded. The Jews were forcibly expelled from this land by the Babylonians at the time of First Temple and by the Romans at the time of the Second Temple. Today Iran (formerly Persia) and Hamas and their followers (today’s Haman) want to expel (or kill) over 6 million Jews from the same land a third time. Like the Babylonians and Romans, Hamas and its ilk will become extinct and a new addition to the dustbin of history.

Jews have repeatedly agreed to many international proposals to partition the land between a Jewish state and Arab state and each proposal was rejected by the Palestinian Arabs. For the true intent and goals of the Palestinian Authority and of Hamas, please read the 1968 PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) Charter and the 1988 Hamas Covenant. Each calls for the elimination of Israel and Jews.

But don’t just rely on their words. Judge them by their actions — the premeditated and intentional atrocities committed by Hamas and its followers on Oct. 7 affirm their beliefs just as “Mein Kampf” was affirmed by the atrocities committed by the Nazis.

By their words and deeds, the PLO and Hamas seek not two states but one state free of Jews through acts of ethnic cleansing, genocide, apartheid and colonialism of the Jewish nation, people and land.

The world must reject this religious dogma of annihilation of Israel and the Jews by destroying Hamas and reforming and reeducating Palestinian children to not hate but to coexist peaceably with the Jewish state of Israel.

Free Gaza — remove Hamas!

Charles D. Pulman is the founder of Why Israel Matters, Inc.

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