This week’s value: Talmud Torah

Dear Families,

Each summer we focus on values that we can DO! This summer, more than ever, we need to unplug from our computers and devices. At the J camps, all the children and the families get involved. There is a little learning, a little thinking and then a lot of doing!! Get involved with us this summer. The value for this week is: Talmud Torah, learning all the time!!


The Jewish people are called “the people of the book.” That book is the Torah but it means more than just the Five books of Moses; it is all the Jewish literature and learning. Torah study is a guide for living a moral life. We read over and over year after year to find new insights. Each time we read Torah, we learn something new about how to live our lives. The Torah guides us in life, in our families, in our business.

The Shema comes from the Book of Deuteronomy and tells us that we show our love for G-d through study. The Shema tells us to talk about it “when you lie down and when you rise up….” When a child first begins to study Torah, the rabbis write on the child’s book with honey to show the sweetness of learning.


The world stands on three things: on Torah, worship, and deeds of loving-kindness. —Pirke Avot 1:2

Judah ben Tema was fond of saying, “At five, one begins the study of the Bible. At 10, the Mishnah. At 13, one takes on the responsibility of the mitzvot. At 15, one begins the study of the Talmud.” —Pirke Avot 5:21

Do not say, “When I have some free time, then I’ll study.” You may never have that leisure. —Pirke Avot 2:5

Make your home a regular meeting place for scholars. —Pirke Avot 1:4

Do something ‘Jewish unplugged’

This last week of camp, let the learning begin and read a Jewish book. There are hundreds to choose from for all ages. Need a suggestion? Contact Laura Seymour at

Laura Seymour is director of camping services at the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center

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