A chance to 'hunt' gratitude

Dear Families,
We have enjoyed another wonderful Hanukkah and hopefully everyone is still enjoying their gifts. Especially with children, but often with adults as well, we do not appreciate the gifts we receive as much as we should or we tire quickly and look for the next thing that we want. Here is a gratitude — hoda’ah scavenger hunt. Before the new year arrives, take time to find all the things you are thankful for:

 Something I am thankful for:

  • In nature
  • That makes a beautiful sound
  • That tastes good
  • That smells amazing
  • That has been hard for me
  • That I would like to share with others
  • That is older than me
  • That I recently discovered or learned
  • That shows a vibrant color
  • That has words on it
  • That makes me feel strong
  • That makes me laugh
  • That makes me cry
  • That is someone I love (outside of my family)

This is just a beginning list — do it alone or do it with family and friends. Make a game of it! However you do it, never stop being thankful every day of your life — saying blessings is one way to make sure you stop and enjoy the moment. Get a blessings app on your phone so that you are always ready with the perfect way to say thank you for the wonders in the world around us.
Shalom…from the Shabbat Lady.
 Laura Seymour is director of camping services at the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center.

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