A sofer (scribe) is coming to Dallas
Photo: Courtesy Rabbi Dov Mandel
Rabbi Yosef Y. Liran gingerly drills out the sutures of tefillin to open them while carefully preserving the pieces so they can be properly buried.

By Rabbi Dov Mandel

As the High Holiday season approaches, we want to look our best before G-d, but it’s not just our deeds that might need mending. Our mezuzah scrolls and tefillin, as well as Torah scrolls, may sometimes need mending, and what better time is there to check them for defects than right now? Halacha, Jewish law, dictates that mezuzot ought to be checked twice in seven years due to their exposure to the elements. 

Thanks to a generous sponsor, Rabbi Yosef Y. Liran of Brooklyn, New York, will be at Chabad of Dallas checking mezuzot and tefillin, and if needed, he can visit your synagogue to check and repair Torah scrolls as well. The cost is $80 for tefillin and $10 per mezuzah. Additionally, he will have mezuzot for purchase. Also offered is a concierge service where a young rabbinical student will come to your house, remove all of the mezuzot while marking which doorpost they were on, bring them to be checked, and return to your house and reinstall them. This service is $18 per mezuzah.

The sofer will be at Chabad of Dallas, 6710 Levelland Road in Far North Dallas. For any questions or to schedule a visit, please text or WhatsApp Rabbi Dov Mandel at 817-253-2445.

The sofer will be working on Sunday, Aug. 28, through Wednesday, Aug. 31, at 10 p.m. If demand is high, he may extend his trip by a couple of days, so please contact Rabbi Mandel if you need assistance after this date. 

What is a sofer?

The word “sofer” is Hebrew for scribe. A sofer is a specially trained craftsman who writes the holy texts on parchment using Hebrew calligraphy. Sofers also inspect Torahs, mezuzah scrolls and tefillin to make sure they are properly made and have not been damaged over time. A sofer can, moreover, repair Torahs, mezuzot and tefillin.

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