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By Sharon Wisch-Ray

I had an “it’s a small world moment” this weekend.
I was volunteering at an event at my synagogue and bumped into Ari Bond. Ari was one of the many children I baby-sat growing up and I always get a good dose of middle-aged reality when I see him toting his young daughter, Dana, 3 and now Zachary, 3 months.
We got to talking and as it turns out, Ari is my new neighbor, just two doors away.
I shared the story with my youngest Jimmy, 9 and his response, “Wow, it is a small world!” Maybe one day Jimmy will be baby-sitting for Ari’s crew.

Earl and Shirley Givant check in with door volunteers Edythe Cohen and Louis Schultz. | Photo: Submitted by Barbara Rubin
Earl and Shirley Givant check in with door volunteers Edythe Cohen and Louis Schultz. | Photo: Submitted by Barbara Rubin

Happenings with the Daytimers group

The Daytimers are busy. On Oct. 30, talented entertainer Robbi Sherwin was featured at the luncheon and program, at Beth-El Congregation. She opened with an original song about growing up in Fort Worth, and the group was hers from the get-go. The most fun was singing to the tune of “Adon Olam” to any song suggested from the floor.  She did about 12, but the two that she had never been challenged with before were “The Mexican Hat Dance” and “Supercailifragilistic Expialidocious!”
There was an overflow crowd with more than a dozen walk-ins. First timer Leigh Schultz has just retired and will now be available in the daytime. It was good to see Earl and Shirley Givant up and in relative good health. And Danny and Blanca Sherwin were there to cheer on his sister.
The Daytimers will gather again at noon, next Wednesday, Nov. 13, to hear from veterans in their own words at Beth-El Congregation. Four veterans from the Jewish Community — Arthur
Hofstein, Ken Sherwin, George Sepp and Mark Neerman — will share their memories of service to our country.
Hofstein was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge yet continued fighting. He lost many of his comrades at that time.
During the Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis, Sepp served as part of a B58 crew.  In Vietnam, Sherwin flew a UC 123 plane that was hit over 500 times, once hitting the control panel just above his head. And Neerman, who served in three wars, Vietnam, and most recently Iraq and Afghanistan, will tell about serving in the jungles of Vietnam as an American advisor for 23,000 South Vietnamese troops. During that time he escaped from a Viet Cong ambush carrying a wounded Vietnamese Lieutenant to save his life.
There are many more exciting stories that will be introduced by Dr. Julian Haber, author of “They Were Soldiers in Peace and War.”
Catering for the event will be Ming Wok, and guests have a choice of Beef Chow Mein, Chicken with Mushrooms or Tofu with Vegetables.  Lunch includes an egg roll, fortune cookie and coffee or tea.  Cost is $9 for lunch or $5 for the program only. For information and reservations, call with your credit card to Barbara Rubin, 817-927-2736, Larry Steckler, 520-990-3155 or Hugh Lamensdorf, 817-738-1428 or reserve for yourself at The Sylvia Wolens “Daytimers” is a program of Beth-El Congregation with financial support from the Jewish Federation.

News and notes

It’s not to late to join your fellow community members at the annual B’nai B’rith Person of the Year dinner Sunday, Nov. 10 at Beth El Congregation, 4900 Briarhaven Road. The coveted award will be presented to the mystery honoree. Student scholars will also be honored. The dinner costs $25 and will be catered by Riscky’s BBQ with live entertainment by the Texas Gypsies. Kosher meals are available by advance order. For more information or to make a reservation, contact Harry Kahn at or 817-926-6566, Alex Nason at or Marvin Beleck at

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