Dallas Doings: Lecture, sweethearts and superheroes

By Linda Wisch-Davidsohn

Allan Arkush lecture on Diaspora-Israel Relations

Photo: Courtesy of DJCF SMU freshman Aaron Tverye (left) is greeted by Brad Roth, co-chair of the DJCF College Scholarship Committee. Reviewing scholarship applications The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation College Scholarship Committee is hard at work reviewing more than 100 applications for more than $130,000 in scholarship awards. Since the committee individually reviews each application, the group got together before the process began, to meet each other and visit with some current scholarship recipients. The scholarship reception will be at 7 p.m., Monday, May 18 at Temple Shalom. Details can be found at www.djcf.org.

Where/When: 7 p.m. Thursday, March 26 in the Mankoff Center of the Aaron Family JCC
Senior editor of the Jewish Review of Books, Allan Arkush, will speak on “Diaspora and Zion.”
Arkush, who is also a professor of Judaic studies at Binghamton University, will analyze and provide commentary on the current conversation about Diaspora-Israel relations in both the U.S. and Israel, drawing on contributions from Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, Boston College Professor Alan Wolfe and Tel Aviv University Emeritus Professor Shlomo Sand.
The University of Dallas in cooperation with the Center for Jewish Education of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas and the Jewish and Israel Studies Program of the University of North Texas will sponsor the event. Attendance is free to the public.
For additional information, contact Dr. Joshua Parens at 972-721-5241 or by email at jparens@udallas.edu.

News and commendation for The Harvey J. Bloom Post No. 256 of the JWV And JWVA

Dallas is very lucky to have an active chapter of the Jewish War Veterans and Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary, The Harvey J. Bloom Post No. 256, which volunteers monthly to facilitate bingo games for our veterans at the VA hospital. We have heard that the group donated new bingo cards, snacks, drinks and cash prizes over the course of many years.
Last month the group was able to include some nice prizes donated by the confirmation class of Congregation Anshai Torah as well as students from Ann & Nate Levine Academy.
These young people decorated shoeboxes and filled them with toiletries and playing cards in addition to notes of thanks for their service to our country.
Although they were to be sent to active-duty soldiers, the JWV received so many that they were able to use some for prizes at the VA as well. These boxes were a “big hit,” stated Sandra Cantor (especially the personal notes of thanks).
For additional information about the organization, please contact Allan Cantor, Commander of Jewish War Veterans of America, Post No. 256 at acantor0299@gmail.com.
The following letter was sent on March 2 from Jerry Hopkins, Chief, Recreation Therapy Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, North Texas Health Care System, to Mr. Art Kaplan, Commander, JWV Post #256:
“Dear Mr. Kaplan:
“On behalf of the VA North Texas Health Care System, I would like to thank you and the members of Jewish War Veterans Post 256 for your donation of food, refreshments, and shoe boxes filled with toiletries and hygiene products, and $100.00 cash that you distributed to our Veterans during bingo on February 22, 2015.
“VA North Texas Health Care System provided no goods or services in return for your contribution.
“The support that you have given to provide the Veterans with enjoyable recreational activities is to be commended. Your assistance contributes significantly toward their well-being.
“It is gratifying to know that there are people like you and organizations like Jewish War Veterans Post 256 who are concerned for Veterans. Thank you for your kindness to the Veterans.”

BBYO Sweethearts, Beaus and Advisors’ Month celebrated

It has been a long time, but I especially remember the excitement in the air as all four of the Davidsohn offspring celebrated their AZA and BBG “nom period” which resulted in the selection of new Sweethearts and Beaus for their chapters.
On March 7, the 12 AZA and BBG chapters elected their new Beaus and Sweethearts who will serve the 2015-16 year. Mazel Tov to the new Beaus and Sweethearts, elected as follows:
David Berger AZA: Hannah Calechman; Louis D. Brandeis AZA: Lexi Van Creveld; Eamonn Lacey AZA: Maddie Karesh; Morton Lewis AZA: Maddie Weiner; Henry Monsky AZA: Sophie Kellner; Rubin Kaplan AZA: Tammy Schisler; Sally Blum BBG: Yoav Ilan; Judy Kravitz BBG: Ryan Sukenik; Fannie Sablosky BBG: Max Feist; Reba Wadel BBG: Gavin Shrell; Ginny Weinstein BBG: Josh Collins; and Jennie Zesmer BBG: Mitchell Levinson.Congratulations to the outgoing sweethearts and beaus and their families.
March is also a very special month because we’re in the midst of Advisor Appreciation Month — the chapter states that they cannot thank the amazing advisors enough and send them enough special good wishes for the dedication and love they contribute to NTO every day! An additional thank-you from all the chapters to:
David Berger AZA: Kevin Burck; Louis D. Brandeis AZA: Nick Cera; Eamonn Lacey AZA: Joey Saks; Morton Lewis AZA: Rich Ciarletta; Henry Monsky AZA: Lane Topletz; Rubin Kaplan AZA: Ryan Bredow; Sally Blum BBG: Sabrina Opas; Judy Kravitz BBG: Julie Kursh; Fannie Sablosky BBG: Erica Shea; Reba Wadel BBG: Elysa Tyson & Barri Silverberg; Ginny Weinstein BBG: Monica Leibowitz & Abby Tarlo; Jennie Zesmer BBG: Rose Berg; Nona Bloch Salomon BBG: Mimi Tarrash, Molly Berger, Sarah Berger, Evan Fadem, Terry Marcum and Gena Pollack; and Feenberg Rubin AZA: Joel Langston, Matt Katz, Brad Sanditen, Aaron Miller and Ross Heyman.

‘It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s . . . Schneiderman?!!’

Who/what: Adat Chaverim, Jeremy Shorr of Titan Comics discusses ‘The Jews Behind the Superheroes’
Are you looking for a fun-filled evening appropriate for youngsters 10-110?
At 7 p.m. Saturday, April 11, Congregation Adat Chaverim, located at 6300 Independence Pkwy. in Plano, will host “this exciting, fun-filled event” which will feature a slide presentation by Jeremy Shorr, followed by a Q&A and a dessert reception.
Guests are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite or most original superhero.
Prizes will be awarded. The winner of a raffle will receive an original oil painting of Batman by renowned Texas artist, Bob Wilson, whose work can be viewed at The Artists’ Showplace Gallery in Dallas.
Tickets ($8 in advance, or $10 at the door)  may be purchased in advance by contacting Adat Chaverim at 972-491-5917, or online at office@AdatChaverim.org.
Raffle tickets may be purchased singly for $5 or 3 for $10 at the door. For additional information, contact the synagogue office at 972-491-5917.

For ladies only: Sunday, March 29 Chabad of Plano

A note from Rivkie Block reminded us of a special evening for ladies and girls. Not only can you have desserts and wine for $18 per person, but you can also receive the gift of joy, “because joy breaks all barriers . . . and we can never have enough joy!”
Learning to perceive our experience through the lens of joy and especially laughter reveals an alternative vision — to seriously detach from our present experience and re-frame our perceptions.

Leslie Russell

The evening is guaranteed to shake up your status quo, shift your mindset, re-examine your priorities and accelerate greatness. The program begins at 7 p.m.
Those attending will be treated to “Laugh, Laugh And Laugh Some More . . . Laughter, Joy Improv and Play” with Leslie Russell, M.A., founder and CEO of Joy Breaks Barriers. For additional information or reservations, please contact Rivkie Block at www.rblock@chabadplano.org.

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