Fort Worth History Center to host American Witnesses Exhibit

The opening of the American Witnesses exhibit, produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum will be held from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m, Saturday, Jan. 27 at the Fort Worth History Center, 501 Bolt Street. This poster exhibit highlights the experiences of those in the U.S. military who saw firsthand evidence of Nazi atrocities in April 1945. The exhibit also includes the testimonies of Holocaust survivors liberated by US military personnel. Explore the exhibit, then watch an 8-minute compilation of film footage recorded by American servicemen and nurses. After the film, attendees can participate in an optional discussion. Film contains graphic footage that may not be suitable for everyone; the program was designed for adults. The exhibit will be on display at the Fort Worth History Center through Feb. 24. The Eyewitness Films 8-minute compilation, which contains graphic footage, can also be viewed on online.

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