Gov. Abbott blocking refugees violates Texas tradition

Since 1820, when pioneer Moses Austin petitioned the Mexican government for vacant land for a colony to be developed and sold to settlers, Texas has been a land of opportunity for those with the ambition and perseverance to succeed. Do not confuse this issue with that of President Trump’s attempts to restrict entry through our southern border of Mexican and other Central American citizens.
The president’s executive order allows state governors to “sign on,” if they wish, without approval by their legislatures, to legally block entry of legal immigrants attempting to resettle in their state.
One result would be the inability of immigrants to join family members who are already established within the state and could probably provide much of the newcomer’s needs.
As of this writing, Greg Abbott is the only governor to agree to block refugee resettlement.
No rationale is given by the governor other than a vague reference to a slight increase in illegal crossings at the southern border, which is a completely separate issue from the Resettlement Program consisting of “legal” immigrants.
It appears that the governor’s political loyalty to the president has blinded him from the traditional will of the people in Texas to accept refugees into their community.
The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) has joined other aid groups in suing to protect this longstanding refugee resettlement program they have assisted since its inception in 1980.
Here are just a few reasons why the Resettlement Program should be continued and perhaps, even expanded.
Pardon all the statistics, but they are necessary to help explain how immigrants are such a positive addition to the Texas population.
•One of every six residents is an immigrant, while 15% are native-born citizens with one or two immigrant parents.
•Over a third of all immigrants in Texas are naturalized citizens.
•Sixty-three percent are reported able to speak English “well” or “very well” and are represented in educational levels from high school graduates to college graduates.
•Immigrants are a vital part of the Texas workforce and contribute toward the Texas communities in which they reside.
A pending decision by the courts hopefully will block the governor and return Texas to its historic tradition of acceptance for those seeking refuge.
Hopefully, the federal courts will find that President Trump’s executive order violates the Refugee Act of 1980, which set up a uniform, federal system for refugee resettlement encompassing all the states. President Trump’s order appears to violate the 1980 law. Hopefully, Texas will continue to welcome its immigrants.

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  1. Terry J Beal

    I believe Jerry Kasten will not be satisfied until the U.S. has no restrictions on any type of immigrants, refugees,etc.He appears to be a “open borders” advocate which will lead to the destruction of the United States.
    Typical liberal

  2. Terry J. Beal

    Jerry Kasten not be satisfied the United States abandons all rules regarding immigration, refugees,etc. He is an “open borders” advocate- & wishes for the destruction of the United States.

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