Honoring veterans with interview

Happy Veterans Day (Nov. 10) to TJP readers who are veterans.
It makes no difference whether you served in peacetime or wartime. We all took the same oath requiring us to follow the orders of our officers and commander in chief.
We are all vets who have served our nation and this is our day to be thanked for that service. But it also is an opportunity to help children of non-veterans learn about service to one’s country, “patriotism.”
If you are a veteran, be prepared to be interviewed by non-veterans about your experience, especially children who are always curious.
If you have a child or grandchild whom you are planning to take to Friday’s parade, why not work with your child to create a few questions to ask a veteran? Or you may want to refer to the list of suggested questions below.
This is their opportunity to learn what a historian does, “asking questions to seek the truth.” They could share their interview experience with their teacher and classmates when they return to school Monday.
One place you will find veterans to interview will be in front of Dallas City Hall, before the parade starts Friday at 11:30 a.m.
Often there are veterans who choose to watch the parade along Commerce Street. Some of them may be among the homeless as well.
Another opportunity to interview a veteran or a veteran’s wife will be this coming Sunday morning when members of the Jewish War Veterans (JWV) and the Ladies Auxiliary, will be in front of Cindi’s and other popular eateries.
They will be collecting cash donations that will benefit patients at the Dallas Veterans Medical Center. The JWV’s last donation helped pay for a new acupuncture treatment room.
Since there are so many possible questions you can ask a veteran and just a small amount of “answer time” available, why not have just a few which you and/or your child believes are most important, then ask additional questions, if time permits?

Possible interview questions for veterans

  • 1. Which branch of service were you in?
  • 2. What was your job in the military? (Like/dislike?)
  • 3. Where did you serve?
  • 4. Any unusual or memorable experiences?
  • 5. What did you like and dislike about your experience?
  • 6. Did you make any close friendships with anyone you met?
  • 7. What type of work did you do after leaving the military?
  • 8. How did your military service and experiences affect your life?
  • 9. Did you join a veterans’ organization? Why? Why not?
  • 10. Is there something that you want to tell about your military experience that I have not asked you?

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