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Dear Families,
Many years ago I was at a JCCA conference and a rabbi spoke to us “camp directors.” His message was that we, and all of our fellow J workers should answer the question, “What do you do” saying this: “I am a Jewish educator and I run camp” or I am a Jewish educator and I teach yoga” or “I am a Jewish educator and I clean the J.” The message was that we are all — working in a Jewish organization or not — Jewish educators. We are teaching Judaism by our actions and through our conversations and so many more ways. We are sharing our Jewish identity with others not to convince others to embrace Judaism but to embrace the values that our ancient religion stands for.
Today as we communicate from a distance, we are showing our Jewish values in everything that we do. We are also preparing for Passover – the most celebrated Jewish holiday. Most Jews say that they have a seder whether that means four hours all in Hebrew or a box of matzo and a great dinner. There are many messages from the story of Passover and the traditions of the seder that can teach how to live positively at this time.
We are all learning to “live online” and there are so many resources but I read this from eJewishphilantropy.com and wanted to share parts as I plan on using it with my family and you may enjoy it as well
If you want the line, I am happy to send it. Just email me at lseymour@jccdallas.org Here is a short taste of the article“Dear Jewish Educator”:
Are you Miriam?
You once raised your voice and led our people through… But now, amidst a new disruption, wandering again bamidbar (in the wilderness), you fear you have lost your voice.
Are you Moses?
You had no voice. But you had charisma, God-infused courage, and enough chutzpah to go up against the pharaohs of former glory… But now, you privately question your ability to do it again, to motivate, instigate and innovate.
Are you Aaron?
You had a booming voice which you used strategically to market Moses’ messages of the moment. … So you find yourself worried about acting alone, fearful that the failings you are well aware of will lead you all into another go-round with the golden calf of conflict and catastrophe.
A simple sickness has upended our world. Like the skin disease that sent Miriam into self-quarantine, it now sends all souls back into their tents, far out of our reach. Worse than the golden calf, this calamity has corrupted our meticulously-built capacities to help and heal, to support and give solace.
What must we do? How?
Miriam, Keep singing your songs.
Moses, Keep inspiring.
And Aaron, Keep speaking to lift up the truth.
And you three get moving, go raise up new voices, and uplift those who comfort and care. Let younger ones teach you. Let them question old ways. Encourage them clearly to lead their own way. Their partnership and leadership will be needed if in this world we want to stay.
Hope this has gotten you thinking about what we learn from our Biblical Heroes. Here is a great website to add to your seder learning: https://www.midrashicmonologues.com/post/miriams_story

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