Letter to the Editor 11/05/20: Rick Lacher

To the Editor:

It is unfortunate that the Dallas Jewish Conservatives choose to divide the Jewish community into “red” Jews and “blue” Jews. As their ad states, “If you are Jewish, why are you still voting Democrat?” It is a shanda that their ad contains a number of lies and falsehoods to support their position, starting with the first claim listed — Biden has never said he is going to defund the police or the military. Further, Biden no more stands for the views of AOC, Tlaib and Omar than Trump’s views are that of the Republican QAnon candidate in Georgia who will soon be a U.S. Representative.

I was a lifelong Republican, but integrity, honesty and my belief in tikkun olam matter more to me than a tax increase. With each passing year, the Republican party has moved further away from the party I supported and now is a party that frequently incorporates hatred and lack of respect for others who are different. The Republican administration creates false narratives and does its best to destroy trust in our institutions (including our voting process). Through his tweets, Trump is a big cheerleader for antisemitic groups even if he says all he is doing is retweeting information.

I have never wanted to be “public” with my thoughts, but it is time for all Jews in our community to be upstanders, not bystanders, and put an end to dividing our Jewish community. While the Dallas Jewish Conservatives clearly have different priorities than I do, they have no right to question my Jewish values nor those of others who think differently than they do.

Rick Lacher


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