Richard Schindler shines in new venture
By Sharon Wisch-Ray

For Richard Schindler, Dallux Motors is not his first spin around the car dealer block. It is however, a change from the traditional model of car sales. The longtime tin man spent more than two decades with Goodson Auto Group. First as a salesman and then as the sales manager and general manager of Goodson Acura in Dallas and then president of Audi Dallas and The Goodson Group.
In July, Schindler along with his longtime colleague Kevin Patterson, opened a boutique firm with an extensive inventory of pristine, pre-owned vehicles. Dallux allows Schindler to do what he does best: offer a superlative, customer-service oriented, pain-free buying experience. It’s something he’s been doing his entire career and built a reputation.
One of the best examples of Schindler’s menschkite is the story of a wife who wanted surprise to her husband with a new Acura RL for Christmas. Schindler, who was the GM of Goodson Acura at the time, not only facilitated the process, but also posed as a FedEx delivery man and drove the car to the folks’ house at the appointed time on Christmas Day. He rang the doorbell and delivered the keys. This is Richard Schindler at his best, delivering a stellar product in his warm and engaging manner, with unparalleled customer service.
At Dallux, Schindler and Patterson are bringing only the best in pre-owned to the Dallas market. Many of these cars come from auctions in Florida or Arizona. They are typically low mileage, one-owner vehicles that have never been exposed to the harsher climates of the north especially the corrosive materials from the icy roads. Schindler and Patterson research the vehicles extensively before going to auction, making sure that the vehicles haven’t been in accidents or had other damage that sometimes doesn’t pop on its Carfax report.
Once back in Dallas, the cars are put through an intense inspection and cleaned to like-new perfection. The Dallux showroom is literally gleaming with about 30 cars at all times. Like any car dealership, you can trade in your car, sell it for cash and obtain financing all at one stop.
Recently, Schindler answered some specific questions about Dallux Motors.

Richard Schindler on the showroom floor at Dallux Motors located at 3402 Wiley Post Road in Carrollton. | Photo: Andy Dstena
Richard Schindler on the showroom floor at Dallux Motors located at 3402 Wiley Post Road in Carrollton. | Photo: Andy Dstena

TJP: Most of your career you have spent working for large dealerships. What are your favorite things about starting Dallux motors?
RS: We have the ability to find specific cars for our clients whereas at the big stores, you really have to stock more general inventory and hope that it fits for the masses. This allows a much more personal custom approach.
TJP: What are you most proud of at Dallux Motors?
RS: In the first six months of operations, between, Facebook, yelp and Google, we have earned over 30 perfect 5 Star reviews. And we are also seeing referrals from our new client base.
TJP: What is the advantage of Dallux Motors? Can’t I find a good pre-owned car myself online?
RS: Maybe. Not everything is as it appears. Carfax and such catch about 70 percent of damage reported on cars. They miss millions of damaged autos. Also, many companies are self-insured (Hertz, Enterprise, etc.) so they don’t have to report any damage and perform their own repairs. If you don’t know all the signs of what to look for, you could be buying someone else’s problem. We take the guess work out because if after our scrutiny we find we did buy a car with an issue, we either fix it properly or we wholesale it and will not retail it.
TJP: There seem to be a lot of incentives on new cars out there. What’s the advantage of buying pre-owned?
RS: Incentives are great but the adage is, “if it’s new then lease it.” If you want to purchase, then purchase pre-owned and let the first guy take the hit. Regardless of the incentive the heaviest drop is the initial one.
TJP: What do you recommend for a first car or a car for younger drivers? Can you get that for me?
RS: That is what we specialize in. Finding that safe, serviced, credible first car. We usually stock and recommend a four door sedan that is 2 to 5 years old depending on budget. It works out for insurance, for helping out mom and dad with siblings and they usually offer better visibility than coupes.
TJP: If you don’t have something on your showroom floor, how long does it take you to find what I’m looking for?
RS: It depends on the request. To find a Honda Accord could only take 10 days or so. To find a white BMW 6 series convertible with red leather interior could take weeks. It really depends, but we would let you know our best estimation at the time of consultation so there is no misunderstanding and we keep the clients updated.
When not at work, Schindler loves spending time with his wife Laura, and their children, Benjamin, a sophomore at University of Georgia; Sydnie, a senior at Greenhill and Mitchell, a freshman at Greenhill. The Schindlers are members of Congregation Anshai Torah and active in the Jewish community.
To reach Schindler, contact him at 972-807-6300, or

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